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2012 NBA power rankings: Denver falling in polls

After an 0-3 week, the Nuggets have fallen significantly in NBA power rankings


The Denver Nuggets are the most hot-and-cold team in the NBA. Sandwiched between two three-game losing streaks is a four-game winning streak, with their overall record totaling 4-6. Their recent three-game skid has seen them fall significantly in this week's polls.

In SB Nation's poll, the Nuggets come in at No. 19, down from No. 12 a week ago. This is following losses to Miami, Phoenix and San Antonio. Denver has struggled on defense, but poll curator Seth Rosenthal has noticed another frightening trend:

Denver is the league's worst free-throw shooting team, and it's not close. Maybe that's why they never get to the line?

Also ranking the Nuggets at No. 19 is NBC's Pro Basketball Talk, who claim that Denver is pushing Indiana as 2012's most disappointing team.

ESPN's Marc Stein is the highest ranker on Denver, limiting their fall to just 16th out of 30 NBA teams. Stein points to Danilo Gallinari's 21.4 shooting percentage from three and Javale McGee's lack of contribution as keys to the Nuggets' early struggles.