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NFL standings 2012, Week 11: Broncos strengthen AFC West lead

With a 30-23 win over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, the Denver Broncos boosted their lead in the AFC West.


With six weeks to go in the NFL's regular season, the Denver Broncos are firmly in the driver's seat in their division. Earning a 30-23 win over the San Diego Chargers over the weekend was enough to give them a three-game lead over the second-place team in the AFC West.

Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders lost over the weekend as well, dropping down even farther in the one-team division race. Denver is the only team in the AFC West that has a winning-streak going right now, having taken their last five games. San Diego has lost two in a row, Oakland has lost three in a row and Kansas City has not won since their overtime victory against the Saints way back in Week 3.

Here are the standings for the AFC West:

Denver Broncos 7-3
San Diego Chargers 4-6
Oakland Raiders 3-7
Kansas City Chiefs 1-9