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Broncos' D.J. Williams returns from suspension on Monday

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams will return from his nine-game suspension on Monday.

Justin Edmonds

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams will officially return from suspension on Monday after missing the first nine games of the season.

Williams had started for the Broncos at linebacker since 2004. He has had to forfeit over $3 million in salary this season thanks to two different suspensions that prevented him from playing.

The NFL suspended Williams for the first six games of the season for violating the league's performance-enhancement policy. The league stated that Williams gave something other than his own urine to an NFL drug tester, but Williams has denied taking any performance-enhancing drugs.

Williams had his suspension increased by three games after receiving a conviction on Aug. 15 for driving while impaired. The conviction violated the league's substance abuse policy.

Coach John Fox did not have Williams participate in training camps or any preseason games, choosing to give the reps to other players, so Williams is expected to need a couple of week to get back into playing shape.