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AFA Hockey coach Frank Serratore excited to start 2012-13 season

Air Force Academy's hockey coach Frank Serratore is excited for the upcoming 2012-2013 season, especially with the NHL lockout in full effect

Elsa - Getty Images

With the NHL lockout now in full swing following regular season games being officially cancelled, college hockey will get another chance to shine in the state of Colorado in place of the Avalanche.

At this year's annual Colorado Springs Sports Corp.’s Hockey Faceoff Luncheon, Air Force coach Frank Serratore was among the most excited to finally get the puck dropped on this season's beginning. Air Force went 21-11-7 last season, won their conference championship and made it to the NCAA Tournament for the fifth time in school history. It didn't hurt that they managed a victory over Colorado College, either.

The 16-year veteran head coach said at the luncheon that the players have gotten him excited to start the new year with new expectations:

“I’m an old man and an old, grizzled veteran, but what energizes me is the players,” said Serratore, who is in his 16th season as the Air Force coach. “They energize you because they get so excited about it. They’ve been in school for a long time, and you see them start to champ at the bit.

Colorado teams made the most of the last NHL lockout, with the Denver Pioneers taking home a championship by the season's end. This season, perhaps it could be Air Force's turn.