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Colorado basketball: Tad Boyle concerned about lack of execution

Head coach Tad Boyle likes the talent on the Colorado Buffaloes' roster, but sees plenty of room for improvement in the department of offensive execution.

As a highly-anitcipated season of college basketball nears for the Colorado Buffaloes, head coach Tad Boyle still wants to see his talented roster execute the offense better.

"We're a talented group," Boyle said in a report by Ryan Thorburn of on Wednesday. "But defensively we're nowhere near where we want to be, and offensively our execution isn't anywhere near where we need it to be.

"When we score a basket, it's usually because we're pretty darn talented and we have good offensive players. It's not because we executed something to perfection."

The freshman class of forwards Chris Jenkins, Josh Scott, Wesley Gordon and Xavier Johnson and guards Xavier Talton and Eli Stalzer are "a work in progress," according to the report, as they're being challenged to play within offensive sets and defend at higher levels than ever before.

"There is no fast-forward button to put on youth," Boyle said in the article. "They have to learn every day by the situations they're put in in practice, and pretty soon they'll have to learn in games when they're put in the fire."

Colorado opens their season at home on Friday, Nov. 9, against Wofford.