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VIDEO: Dana Holgorsen Shouts Out Colorado School Of Mines After Record-Breaking Orange Bowl

The West Virginia Mountaineers destroyed the Clemson Tigers in the 2012 Orange Bowl, 70-33, head coach Dan Holgorsen gave a shoutout to Bob Stitt and the Colorado School of Mines Orediggers. Holgorsen did it because he was asked where he got the one particular play that the Mountaineers used several times to scores touchdowns. Well, he got it from Stitt and his football team.


Let's think about that for a second. A play from Division II Colorado School of Mines worked multiple times against Clemson of the ACC. That play works against them, but it might be tough for the Mountaineers to pull that play off against its future Big 12 opponents (it'll probably work against the Big East, though).


Video below.