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VIDEO: Heath Frisby Lands 1st Front Flip On Snowmobile

The 2012 Winter X Games are ending with a band on Sunday night. Snowmobiler Heath Frisby had to wait quite a long time to get his first attempt after Justin Hoyer hurt his right arm (video) on a failed double backflip in the best snowmobile trick finale.

Frisby wanted to attempt the first front flip on a snowmobile. He nailed it.

As we see above, Frisby puts his head forward and brings the snowmobile into a front flip. He makes a bit of a hard landing as he does shake a bit off of his seat as he hits the snow. He picked up a 96.66 on that run. It's going to take divine intervention for another snowmobiler to overcome that score. Frisby likely said hello to the gold medal on that trick.

Had Justin Hoyer landed his double backflip on the previous run, Frisby might have had some competition for the gold medal.