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Winter X Games 2012, Results Day 3: Mark McMorris, Bobby Brown Capture Gold On Saturday Night

The 2012 Winter X Games continued on Saturday and saw some exciting finishes in Men's Snowboard Slopestyle and Men's Ski Big Air. In the former, Mark McMorris captured his second gold medal of the Games after winning Snowboard Big Air on Friday night. This was also the first time since 2009 that an X Games competitor won two gold medals in one game -- the last being Shaun White, who pulled out of this event due to an injured ankle.

McMorris secured the victory with this 93.00 run:

This is an almost near-perfect run that sees McMorris increasingly improving the difficulty of his maneuvers while being almost completely spot on with his landings. It was a pretty decisive run as no one else came within five points of him. McMorris did have a 90.00 on his first run for the second best score of the final round. Sage Kotsenburg and Peetu Piiroinen finished in second and third places with scores of 88.00 and 86.00, respectively.

In Ski Big Air, Bobby Brown captured gold with a combined score of 88.00 (two 44.00 scores) to beat out Kai Mahler (84.0) and Jossi Wells (83.0).

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