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VIDEO: Sammy Carlson Injures Knee During Winter X Games 2012

During the Men's Big Air Final of the 2012 Winter X Games, Sammy Carlson badly injured his knee during one of his later runs. In a night of matching tricks between competitors, Carlson wasn't quite able to keep things going when he did the following:

Carlson makes his way through his tricks on the jump, but when he gets ready for the landing he apparently loses control of his body and lets his arm start flailing. As a result, Carlson doesn't land smoothly; instead, his right knee bends in the completely wrong direction while he slides down the snowscape.

Carlson stayed on the ground in obvious pain while the medical crew came out to look at him. He was unable to put weight on his knee and was helped off the course by the medical staff. It was later confirmed that he would not return to the competition. Just based on watch that, Carlson might have blown out his knee.

At the time of the accident, Carlson was in a three way tie for third place.