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2012 Winter X Games Results: Tom Wallisch Sets Ski Slopestyle Record In Gold Medal Run

Tom Wallisch picked up his first gold medal at the Winter X Games by making history during the men's slopestyle final on Thursday night. He scored a 96,00 on his third and final run of the night, holding off the 17-year-old Nick Goepper. That 96.00 was the best run in the history of the competition. Here is Wallisch's final run:

Wallisch began his third run like he did his other two by skiing across the 14-foot-tall Red Bull sign. He successfully did it on this try and his first, while almost falling off during the second run. He then ran through and impressive array of regular and switch tricks to secure the record-winning run. This was a near-perfect run with his landings barely missing a beat. It will likely take some more years before any one is able to beat a 96.00 score.

Nick Goepper, the 17-year-old rookie, took a lead in the second run that looked as though it was impossible to overcome, scoring a 94.66. However, he wound up finishing second. Andreas Håtvei took bronze with a 92.00 on his final run.

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