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2012 Winter X Games Results: Kaya Turski Lands Switch 1080 To Capture Ski Slopestyle Finals

The 2012 Winter X Games gave out its first gold medal of the events. On Thursday afternoon, Kaya Turski landed the first switch 1080 on the Ski Slopestyle course to capture the gold medal with a score of 95. Check it out below:

Turski approaches the jump backward for the switch and pulls off the three 360-degree spins before landing. The landing looks a bit shaky ash Turski's hands scrape through the snow, but she is able to maintain her balance and successfully complete the switch 1080 trick.

This is Turski's third straight gold medal at slopestyle and her fourth medal overall. She took bronze in 2009.

1 Kaya Turski 88.33 88.66 95 95
2 Devin Logan 56.33 42.66 92.33 92.33
3 Anna Segal 90 86.33 14.66 90

The men's ski slope style elimination took place earlier in the day and will have its medal round on Thursday night. ESPN will broadcast that and snowmobile at 7:00 p.m. MT.

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