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VIDEO: Kim Lamarre Crashes During Ski Slopestyle Finals of Winter X Games 2012

The 2012 Winter X Games are under way on Thursday afternoon and we're already into the medal round for the Women's Ski Slopestyle. Kim Lamarre, a 23-year-old from Lac-Beauport QB, Canada, took fifth place in Ski Slopestyle in 2011and was looking to improve on that in 2012, but she crashed during a run in the medal round:

As she makes her jump, Lamarre launches into 180-spin, but as she attempts to land she doesn't come down solidly and crashes. She was able to get up from that with no problems and continue on for another run later. However, she also crashed on her other attempt.

Kaya Turski won gold in the 2011 Ski Slopestyle event.

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