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Winter X Games 2012: Lindsey Jacobellis Looks To Win 5th Consecutive Gold Medal

Over the past eight years, few individuals have dominated the snowboarding world like Lindsey Jacobellis. The Stratton, VT, native has won nine medals since 2003, seven of which have been gold. Jacobellis has completely dominated the Snowboard Cross competition, winning seven gold medals since 2003. Jacobellis has won the gold in the Snowboard Cross competition each of the last four years and is the favorite heading into the 2012 Winter X Games.

Jacobellis is perhaps best known for her Silver Medal in the Snowboard Cross at the 2006 Winter Olympics. With the gold medal seemingly wrapped up, Jacobellis attempted to do a trick on the final jump of the competition. Unfortunately, she fell while attempting the move and saw Tanja Frieden pass her before the finish line. Although it took her some time to get back to the top of the sport, Jacobellis found her consistency again, winning the first of four straight gold medals at the X Games in 2008.

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