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Winter X Games 2012: Louie Vito Hopes To Improve On 3rd Place Finish In 2011 SuperPipe Competition

Professional snowboarder Louie Vito broke onto the scene as a 17-year-old at the Australian Open by becoming the first person to successfully complete a backside 1080. Since then, he has competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics -- where he finished fifth in the halfpipe competition -- and the 2011 Winter X Games.

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Vito finished third in the SuperPipe competition at last year's X Games, but he has the potential to finish higher than that, as evidenced by his first place finish in that competition at the 2011 European Winter X Games.

Getting to first place won't be easy with Shaun White standing in his way -- White has won gold in the SuperPipe at the last four Winter X Games -- but Vito certainly is a contender in 2012, as is the other man who finished ahead of him last year, Scotty Lago.

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