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Winter X Games 2012: Gretchen Bleiler Out For Rebound After Disappointing 2011 Showing

Gretchen Bleiler is no stranger to Aspen, CO, as she's the hometown girl in the Winter X Games. Nor is she a stranger to winning gold medals at the Winter X Games. She's won four gold medals in the Superpipe event (2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010). She took silver in 2007, as well, which rounds out all of the medals she's taken in the Games. In those other years, she has finished sixth or farther down.

In 2011, Bleiler took sixth place overall, which was the last spot among those who survived the elimination round. Bleiler wiped out on her first run and never overcame that on her final two runs. Instead, Kelly Clark outclassed the other competitors and won gold with a score of 92.33.

But in 2010, Bleiler was the one who edged out Clark for gold. She took first place 96.66 to 96.00. Will she have her fifth gold medal when the games end on Jan. 29?

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