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Winter X Games 2012: Scotty Lago Looks For 1st SuperPipe Gold Medal

The 2012 Winter X Games will kick off later this week, giving everyone the chance to witness a collection of many of the world's best winter athletes. There are dozens of names to keep both eyes on, and one of them is certainly up-and-coming young snowboarder Scotty Lago.

Lago, 24, has emerged as one of the best snowboarders in the world since breaking into competition in 2004. A native of Seabrook, New Hampshire, Lago may actually be one of the most substantial challengers to Shaun White's grasp on the SuperPipe gold medal. White, also an Olympic champion, has won the past four gold medals in the SuperPipe event.

Last year, Lago won the silver medal, finishing second to White in the SuperPipe competition. As the announcers in the video above noted, he accomplished that just weeks after breaking his jaw. He did come away with one gold medal at last year's Winter X Games, though, landing the top honor in the men's best method competition over fellow American Ross Powers.

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