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VIDEO: What If Everything Was Like The BCS

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The BCS is not seen as the fairest of system, especially toward those leagues that do not have an automatic tie-in such as the Mountain West, even though they have sent a team to the BCS four times since 2004. However, getting to the title game is literally impossible, during that span Utah in 2008 and TCU in 2011 finished undefeated and second in the final polls with not chance at the title game.

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock always has to defend the BCS system -- for good reason -- and always says how great it is and how it would be a shame if these athletes could not have a week long celebration prior to playing in the prestigious Gator Bowl.

So, what if everything in life worked like the BCS? 

Glad you asked, Sean Keeley over at Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician made a video that shows how the BCS would work if used in a spelling bee. 

from sanjeev tandle on Vimeo.