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AFC West News: Chiefs' Matt Cassel Has Rib Injury, Status For Season Opener In Doubt, According To Report

The Kansas City Chiefs' Matt Cassel reportedly has a cracked rib that could keep him out of the season opener against the Buffalo Bills.

The AFC West might have its first major injury of the year--or it might not. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel reportedly has a cracked rib that could preclude him from playing in Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills, reports the Kansas City Star. Cassel left the preseason finale after he reportedly had the wind knocked out of him, but the Chiefs continue to stay mum on Cassel's status.

As the Kansas City Star reports, as well, the Chiefs would likely go with backup quarterback Tyler Palko, a fifth-year player who finally saw action in the NFL during the 2010 season. But that time on the field was short and in blowout losses. The alternative for the Chiefs, however, isn't any better. Rookie Ricky Stanzi is also on the roster, but that might be a harrowing proposition.

Until the Chiefs clarify Cassel's status for the season opener, Chiefs fans have the right to worry. It's certainly a scarier situation than the Broncos' Orton-Tebow-Quinn conundrum.

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