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John Elway: 'I'd Never Give Up On Tim Tebow'

Now that the Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow controversy is all nice and settled in for training camp, pundits are taking sides. Skip Bayless believes Tebow is the present and the future of the Broncos. Rick Reilly, on the other hand, puts Tebow's fight for the top spot on the depth chart to an end.

Reilly writes in his article, "Tim Tebow not ready for prime time," that the young quarterback doesn't have the team behind him. Kyle Orton, however, has the "entire locker room" desiring him to be the team's quarterback. Reilly follows with some comments from John Elway about how the lockout hurt Tebow's ability to come in and compete with Kyle Orton on the same level of preparation. Elway goes on to say:

But he's an amazing football player. I'd never give up on Tim Tebow."

Tebow does need to learn how to play from under center instead of out of the shotgun, as he did in Florida. But that quote from Elway gets to the heart of the matter. Why give up on him? Why hope he becomes a colossal NFL failure? What does it gain anyone to hope that? Nothing. Yes, he is immensely popular and maybe that puts people off, but it's no reason to wish for his football demise.

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