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Juan Nicasio Walks After Surgery To Repair Broken Neck

The good news for Juan Nicasio continues to come in. On Monday, Nicasio walked for the first time since Friday, reports Troy Renck of the Denver Post, when his neck was broken after a line drive hit to the head and a collapse to the ground. The Rockies learned of this news while in Cincinnati for a four-game series with the Reds.

There is still a long road to recovery ahead of Nicasio. Reports from his doctors have painted an optimistic picture that Nicasio can fully recover and even make a return to the mound. However, we won't have a better prognosis until he begins rehab in September.

As Renck reports, the Rockies are still doing all they can to secure visas for Nicasio's family to enter the United States. The Rockies have promised the Nicasio family that they will provide support for them during the pitcher's recovery.

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