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Kyle Orton Feels 'Well On The Way' To Denver Broncos Starting QB Spot

The first Denver Broncos depth chart has been released for the 2011 preseason and Kyle Orton is the team's No. 1 quarterback heading into Thursday's game with the Dallas Cowboys. He may not be the most popular choice among a certain segment of the fans, but he is clearly John Fox's quarterback--for the moment.

As Andrew Mason of details, Orton has looked the best in practice out of the four quarterbacks on the roster. But actions in preseason games will certainly provide better insight on how these quarterbacks will wind up on the final depth chart before the Sept. 12 season opener. As Mason believes, it would be a shock if Orton is not the man under center.

As for how Orton is handling boos from the fans and the desire from some corners for Tebow to start, Mason has a good quote from the quarterback:

"My last goal playing quarterback is winning over the fans. My first goal is to win over my teammates, my coaches and I think I’m well on the way towards doing that," he said.

That could bring some fan backlash, not that he doesn't have enough already, but his point is a good one. The fans don't make the decisions, the coaches do. Orton can take all the boos he receives, but as long as he's John Fox's guy the fan reaction doesn't matter much.

Stick with this StoryStream as the competition heats up or a trade is made. For more on the Broncos, visit Mile High Report.