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Juan Nicasio Still In Intensive Care Unit After Surgery To Repair Broken Neck

Colorado Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio is still in the intensive care unit following surgery to repair the C-1 vertebrae that broke on Friday after he was hit in the head with a line drive ball. According to Rockies' assistant trainer Scott Gehret (via the Denver Post), there has been no increased bleeding inside Nicasio's head, but he still requires constant monitoring to make sure there aren't any complications from the injury.

Rockies pitcher and friend Esmil Rogers did visit Nicasio over the weekend, but the sight of all the machines upset him. The Rockies are working on obtaining visas for Nicasio's family so they can come to visit him in Denver while he recovers.

At the moment, we all hope that Nicasio recovers well enough that he can lead a normal life. However, his doctors hold some belief that Nicasio could even come back to pitch (via the Denver Post):

"No idea . . . no idea," said [Dr. Allen] Schreiber, when asked if the injury was career-threatening. "He's 24 years old. He can bounce back. He has every reasonable chance to come back completely . . . every reasonable chance to do that."

All the best to a successful recovery to Juan Nicasio.