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Juan Nicasio Placed On 15-Day DL After Broken Neck; Greg Reynolds Recalled

The Colorado Rockies placed Juan Nicasio on the 15-day Disabled List on Saturday after surgery on his broken neck (but no spinal cord damage). According to head trainer Keith Dugger, Nicasio remembers everything that happened on Friday night and can move his extremities. Dugger is optimistic about Nicasio's prognosis, but won't know more until Nicasio starts rehab in six weeks. But he is still recovering and is sleeping most of the time.

Nicasio also decided to have the surgery right away, as the Denver Post's Dave Krieger tweets, because it may give him a chance to pitch again. Dugger believes a best-case scenario would have Nicasio throwing again in the spring.

In Nicasio's place, Greg Reynolds (3-0, 5.16 ERA) is on his fourth stint with the Rockies in 2011. He took the place of Ubaldo Jimenez at the start of the season. Reynolds was used as a reliever in his second go-around with the Rockies this season, but he'll be the fifth starter for now.