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Juan Nicasio Struck In Head By Ball, Taken Off Field On Stretcher

In a horrifying moment in the second inning of the Colorado Rockies' game with the Washington Nationals, Rockies pitcher Juan Nicasio was struck on the side of his head by a line drive ball off the bat of Ian Desmond. Nicasio brought his glove up to protect his head, but the ball struck before that. He fell face first to the ground and eventually wound up on his back.

Medical crews came out and stabilized his neck by putting a brace on him. After several minutes, he was placed on a stretcher and then put on a cart that took him off the field. Play resumed a few minutes later when Edgmer Escalona came into pitch for the Rockies.

We will have more on this developing situation as news comes out. For now, we hope for the best and await better news once he is taken care of at a local hospital.