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Merril Hoge Wants Tim Tebow To Prove Him Wrong

One day after ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge went all over SportsCenter and Twitter to talk about how bad Tim Tebow was as an NFL quarterback, he did some backtracking on Twitter to make amends. Hoge wrote the following:

I'm not going to say its nothing personal, or hide behind its my job, or my producer made me do it, because anytime someone like . . . me in this case makes a FOOTBALL evaluation of you I understand its taken personal and i understand what comes from that.

That may be a decent explanation if Hoge didn't bring in the hype that the media has created around Tebow and that inane comparison to Brian Bosworth.

Hoge wants Tebow to prove him wrong, which would let him "eat crow" for being wrong. Hoge finished his Twitter apology by claiming that he's "a straight shooter" and "has no agenda." Eh. His agenda does seem to be to prove that Tebow is a bad quarterback.

In the end, by giving this so much attention we are just feeding into a supposed need for controversy around Tebow.