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Kyle Orton Reportedly Named Denver Broncos Starting QB

In writing that was found all over the wall since trade talks died down between the Denver Broncos and the Miami Dolphins, Kyle Orton has been informed that he will not be traded and that he is the Broncos' starting quarterback, according to the NFL Network's Michael Lombardi. This should come as no surprise as Orton received all of the first-team practice snaps over the last week.

If Elway, Fox and Xanders had settled on Tebow after a week of Orton taking starter's reps, that would have been gross negligence on their parts. But they didn't, so there's no groundbreaking news here.

The better question to ask going forward is if Orton can keep a hold of the starter's position. He certainly got off to a quick start in 2010, but failed to carry that into the second half of the season. Tim Tebow and even Brady Quinn will be nipping at Orton's heels all season. Is this a disaster waiting to happen?

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