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Madden '12 Ratings: Kyle Orton Five Points Better Than Tim Tebow

ESPN's The Gamer blog is providing an early look at each team's individual player ratings in Madden '12 while we move closer to the Aug. 30 release date of the game. On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos were released, who we know are a 74 overall as a team.

That same team rating entry revealed that Kyle Orton is an 82 while Tim Tebow is a 77, just a five-point difference. Brady Quinn lags behind at 72. But remember that these rosters were created at some point in June, which means they haven't the correct rosters. An online roster update will be available on the day is released. There could be changes to player ratings, too, when that happens. With reports of Quinn looking good in camp, he may close that gap.

Knowshon Moreno is rated an 85 overall, but we'll need to wait for another day to find out what recently-signed Willis McGahee will be rated.

Among the wide receivers there is a clear gap between Brandon Lloyd (88 overall) and the rest of the corps. Eddie Royal is a 76 and expected third receiver Eric Decker is a 69. Demaryius Thomas rates a 73--if you plan to use him before he will be ready in reality. Richard Quinn is the highest-rated tight end at 67, but rookie Julius Thomas is at 64.

Ryan Clady leads the offensive line at 92 overall while Ryan Harris, who wound up with the Eagles, is an 85. Rookie Orlando Franklin is rated a 67 overall. On the defensive line Elvis Dumervil is, unsurprisingly rated at 91, but the gap between he and the others is considerable. It starts at 77 and goes to Kevin Vickerson at 72 overall.

D.J. Williams is the top linebacker (89) with rookie Von Miller (79) the second highest-rated linebacker. Helping them out from the secondary is Champ Bailey (97 overall, 98 aware, 97 stamina) and Brian Dawkins (87 overall). Rookies Rahim Moore (73 overall) and Quinton Carter (68 overall) don't have great awareness yet, 58 and 49, respectively.

I think I'll have Tim Tebow at the helm of my Broncos franchise and trade Kyle Orton.