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Kyle Orton Trade Will Not Happen, Reports ESPN's Adam Schefter

With each passing day, a trade of Kyle Orton grows unlikelier. ESPN's Adam Schefter categorically denies that any trade of Kyle Orton will occur. He went on to say that Orton would be the Broncos' starting quarterback this season.

At this point, it's hard to believe that a trade could happen, despite some outlets believing Miami and Orton will come to their senses and agree on a new contract. If this continues to drag on and eventually does get consummated, it hurts the Broncos, as Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn have not received first team practice snaps yet.

But with Orton continuing to get first-team snaps, it really does look as though he will be the starter on Monday, Sept. 12 against the Oakland Raiders. The question, then, is how long he will remain under center.

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