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Giants Lower Demand For Osi Umenyiora; Broncos May Be One Of Five Interested Teams

The New York Giants have yet to find a trading partner for defensive end Osi Umenyiora because they are seeking a first-round draft pick as compensation. However, the receiving team would also need to sign Umenyiora to a new contract, which the Giants have refused to provide to him. A first-round draft pick and an expensive new contract is too much, given how much cost-certainty there is now with draft picks and the rookie salary pool.

Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun now reports that the Giants have lowered their demand of a first-round pick to a second-round one. The Ravens are one of five interested teams, which may also include the New England Patriots. A previous report mentioned the Broncos as in the mix, but not the Patriots.

A second-round pick may make this trade more palatable for the Broncos, but their ability to hand out a long-term contract to a defensive end with an injury history still puts some doubt into whether the team would actually look at making this deal.

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