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Houston Astros Not Close To Trading Wandy Rodriguez To Colorado Rockies, According To Report

Though the Colorado Rockies have been awarded Houston Astros LHP Wandy Rodriguez on waivers, the Astros are not close to deal him, according to several reports. ESPN's Jim Bowden reports that Houston won't trade Rodriguez unless they receive a good return in the deal. Bowden's colleague, Buster Olney, goes further and says that there is "no momentum" to trade Rodriguez, though he believes that could change.

Olney also reports that the Rockies made this claim because they know they can't lure top free agent pitchers to Coors Field. Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle are proof of what could happen. A 32-year-old lefty would certainly help provide depth and stability to a rotation that has had little of that this season.

Let's see if either side will blink. If the Rockies are serious about getting Rodriguez, maybe they will decide to take on more money from his contract than they are already proposing. Boos for not making this deal might be justifiable.

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