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Willis McGahee Ready For Red Zone Opportunities With Denver Broncos

At one point before the 2011 season began, the Denver Broncos looked as though they wanted to change up the running game and bring in John Fox's former running back in Carolina, DeAngelo Williams. Williams went on to receive over $20 million in guaranteed money from the Panthers, a bit too much for the Broncos to compete with. The Broncos then turned their eyes to Willis McGahee.

Formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, McGahee looked like an attractive option, as he looked like a good complement to Knowshon Moreno. McGahee served as the red zone back in place of Ray Rice in Baltimore, a role he would take over with the Broncos as well.

Saturday's preseason game against the Buffalo Bills confirmed that McGahee will be heavily involved when inside the opponents' 20-yard line. McGahee picked up two touchdowns in the first-half of that game. He picked up a one-yard touchdown run and then followed that with a 13-yard touchdown reception.

As running backs coach Eric Studesville said recently (via the Denver Post):

"The good run teams have that ability to run the ball in the situations when they want to run the ball," Studesville said. "They have to have those guys who can convert opportunities into touchdowns."

The Broncos clearly lacked that over the last two years, but especially in 2010. With McGahee in the fold, the Broncos can return their running game to prominence and control the pace of the game.

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