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Terrelle Pryor Taken In 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft's 3rd Round

After much speculation, the Oakland Raiders drafted former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Terrelle Pryor. But they Raiders have paid a steep price for a player that they supposedly don't view highly as a quarterback. Adam Schefter has the official wording of the selection:

The Oakland Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor, QB, Ohio State, in the 18th position of Round 3.

When the 2012 NFL Draft rolls around, the Raiders will not have their own third-round selection.

Will Pryor remain at quarterback for the Raiders? Jason Campbell seems safe as the starting quarterback and Kyle Boller and Trent Edwards are the backups. Pryor still has much to learn about the game no matter where he plays, but fourth on the depth chart won't help him much.

The Denver Broncos will now have two chances one chance to possibly see Pryor play against them, but if he stays at quarterback the Broncos might just look at him on the sidelines for both games one game. Pryor will serve a five-game suspension and miss the season-opener against the Broncos.