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Brady Quinn Moves Ahead Of Tim Tebow As No. 2 QB in Saturday's Game Against Buffalo

To mild surprise, Denver Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn has been elevated to the No. 2 quarterback position behind starter Kyle Orton. Tim Tebow will be the No. 3 quarterback for the game. This move has been widely speculated over the last week. Quinn and Tebow have shared second-team reps in practice, but Quinn's performance in last week's preseason game with the Dallas Cowboys played into this decision.

Orton is expected to play most of the first half, if not all of it. Head coach John Fox was coy about the playing rotation after Orton, and it still unknown how much playing time Quinn will receive. Does he get the entire third quarter? Will he play into the fourth quarter? Tebow certainly deserves some playing time as well.

This move should also contain some caution. Though Tebow is the No. 3 quarterback for this game, it doesn't mean that he will move down on the next depth chart release. If Quinn struggles against the Bills' second-teamers, Tebow will look to hold his ground.

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