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Pac-12 Networks Can Be Profitable In Year 1

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott has worked his magic in getting the richest television deal in college athletics with the $3 billion deal between ESPN and Fox. The financial details have not been disclosed on the Pac-12 networks, but they look to be another money maker.

Scott recently had an interview with CNBC's Darren Rovell where they discussed the Pac-12 networks and here is the money quote from Scott:

"We don't have to have any advertising on our networks and we're going to be profitable in Year One."

Not to doubt Scott on that, but if it is accurate then it is amazing.

Part of the reason would be that the league owns 100 percent of the network and that they get two weeks out of the year to get first pick of football games and four weeks during the basketball season as well.

The touchy subject of airing high school games came up in the interview and Scott said if it can be done, their networks would air high school games.