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Brodrick Bunkley Trade To Browns Reversed After Injury Concerns

Have the Denver Broncos benefited from the Cleveland Browns' decision to reverse their trade of Brodrick Bunkley with the Philadelphia Eagles or have they picked up damaged goods? While initial reports had Bunkley unhappy with the trade and refusing to show up to Browns camp, it now appears Bunkley did report.

According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Bunkley showed up at camp on Saturday and took a physical. However, the team had concerns over the results and decided not to go through with the trade. He then wound up with the Broncos. Even with the injury issues, the Broncos still win in this situation.

The team sent a conditional 2013 NFL Draft pick to the Eagles while the Browns were about to give up a 2012 draft pick. If he doesn't work out, the Broncos are out a draft pick in the later rounds that they could pick up in another trade down the line. But if Bunkley can come in and help out as a rotational player at defensive tackle, all the better.

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