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NHL Releases 2011-2012 TV Schedule, Avalanche With Several National Broadcasts

The NHL has finally released their scheduled national broadcasts for the upcoming 2011-2012 NHL season, and the Colorado Avalanche have their share of appearances.

While they do not have a single one of the premier broadcasts for NHL on NBC -- usually a Sunday afternoon game -- Colorado does have an appearance on NHL Network, their January 14 game against the Dallas Stars.

The Avalanche also have nine appearances on VERSUS (soon to be NBC Sports) throughout the season.

October 17  at Toronto Maple Leafs
November 15 at Pittsburgh Penguins
December 13 vs San Jose Sharks
January 24 vs Minnesota Wild
February 22 vs Los Angeles Kings
March 6 vs Minnesota Wild
March 12 vs Anaheim Ducks
March 14 at Buffalo Sabres
April 5 vs Columbus Blue Jackets

It's difficult to argue with NBC's choice of Avalanche broadcasts. Colorado will be facing off against some of the best ratings draws in the league (especially Toronto and Pittsburgh), and have several games against either a division rival (Minnesota) or teams that made big splashes towards contender status this offseason (Buffalo, Los Angeles, Columbus).