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Broncos' Marcus Thomas Out For Rest Of Preseason

While Ty Warren faces a potential season-ending triceps tear, fellow Denver Broncos defensive tackle Marcus Thomas is out for the remainder of the preseason, reports the Denver Post. A strained pectoral muscle will keep Thomas out for the final three preseason games, a recovery time that will hopefully allow him to play in the Sept. 12 preseason opener against the Oakland Raiders.

Thomas had beaten out Kevin Vickerson for the right to start the first preseason game, which he did with Warren. Thomas believes he is finally in a defense that is suited to his strength, which were diminished when he had to transition to a new defense almost every season since 2007.

The Broncos are starting the battle of attrition early on, but they won't be giving up anytime soon. Until Thomas is healthy and Warren's status is settled, Vickerson and Brodrick Bunkley, both listed as first-teamers on the first depth chart, will move back to being starters.

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