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Ty Lawson Heads To Lithuania During NBA Lockout

Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson isn't waiting until games during the 2011-12 NBA season are lost to make the jump overseas to play basketball. Lawson has agreed to play for Lithuanian team Zalgiris Kaunas, according to multiple reports (this one in Lithuanian). Lawson has an out clause in his contract that goes into effect once the NBA lockout ends. Right now, it looks as though Lawson will play at least a season overseas, but things could change quickly.

Lawson spoke with the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman on Sunday about the move to Lithuania:

"It's a new experience going out to Lithuania, so why not? It was a no-brainer."

But Lawson isn't over in Lithuania yet. He told Hochman that he isn't leaving until Aug. 28. Whenever the lockout ends, Lawson will return as the starting point guard for the Nuggets but also with Andre Miller right behind him to challenge him for the spot.

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