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Juan Nicasio Expected To Visit Rockies Teammates On Monday

The Colorado Rockies return from their road trip on Monday to face the Florida Marlins at Coors Field, but they'll have something even better to look forward to: meeting with injured teammate Juan Nicasio. Nicasio has been recovering over the last week while the Rockies were away.

According to Troy Renck of the Denver Post, Nicasio has been walking to Coors Field from his apartment since his hospital release on Wednesday. For his next walk to Coors Field, Nicasio will meet his teammates, who are all pulling for his recovery and eventual return to the mound. 

Renck reports that Nicasio will possibly talk with the media on Tuesday, a first since his C-1 vertebra was broken. One question that will be asked is how long until he can pitch again. While the next brace is to come off toward the end of September, a metal plate will still be in his neck. He will need to adapt to that and overcome any mental barriers to being on the mound again.

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