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Air Force Remains Quiet On Possible Conference Realignment

The Air Force Falcons are reportedly a target for the Big 12 should the conference expand, but there are a number of hurdles that would need to be overcome. First, Texas A&M would need to leave the conference for the SEC, which is where these rumors about Air Force began. However, Texas A&M's move to the SEC, which many claimed was ready to happen over the weekend or on Monday, has stalled for the moment. Second is whether the Air Force Academy wants to leave the Mountain West

Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh released a brief statement on the reported rumors of Air Force being under consideration for an invitation to the Big 12 (via Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette):

"The Air Force Academy is a proud and happy member of the Mountain West Conference and looking forward to a great future. The Academy will continue to work towards what is best for our cadet-athletes in every area on and off the field as we continue working to produce officers of character for our Air Force and the nation."

First, Mueh wants to assure the Mountain West that they have no issues with the conference. Second, however, the academy might be open to the move because Mueh is looking out for "what is best" for the place.

We're still a long way from this being a serious point of interest.