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Denver Broncos Rushing Game Looking For Past Glory Days

The Denver Broncos are a rushing team looking to reestablish that once dominant ground attack they once had. Under former coach Josh McDaniels, the Broncos moved away from that and had Kyle Orton throw the ball (being down by big numbers also helped that propensity to throw). May we see a return to the days of pounding the ball?

Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post believes that if the Broncos want to win, they will need to rush the ball 500 times this season. The team ran the ball 440 times in 2009 and 398 times in 2010, a 4-10 season. Legwold then breaks down how the Broncos have a winning season almost every time the team has over 500 rushing attempts.

In the first preseason game, we did see a balanced attack between the rush and the pass. Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn combined for 27 pass attempts; Seven players rushed for 30 total carries, though we'll drop that down to 28 since Tebow made two of those rushes. An improved Knowshon Moreno and new running back Willis McGahee will be at the forefront of this movement.

John Fox is ready to take back the ground offensive and we'll see that more as the preseason goes on.

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