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Broncos Vs. Cowboys Update: Tim Tebow Helps Denver To Another Field Goal

Tim Tebow's preseason started off with an unimpressive drive, going 1-of-1 on the drive but had an interception called off due to interference. But his next drive looked much better, if still somewhat lacking.

On his own 15-yard line, Tebow fired a pass down the middle of the field to Matthew Willis for a 43-yard gain. He followed with a 12-yard pass to running back Lance Ball. The offense stalled after that, but Tebow came back with another pass to Willis, a seven-yard pass that put the Broncos on Dallas' 24-yard line, to set up a field goal kick for Matt Prater.

Prater connected on the 42-yard field goal for the 6-3 lead. On the ensuing kickoff, there was no return. Due to new NFL rules that moved up the kickoff line by five yards, returns are likely to be fewer in number from now.

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