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Brian Dawkins' New Contract With Denver Broncos Ends After 2011 Season

Safety Brian Dawkins missed the first couple of days of training camp in order to restructure his contract with the Denver Broncos. Details of the contract have finally been made public, reports the Denver Post's Mike Klis. Dawkins' 2011 salary was set at $6 million under his old deal, but under the terms of the new contract he will receive one-third of that. Signing for a $400,000 bonus, his base salary is $1.6 million.

This new contract also eliminates the final two years of the previous one, at the end of which he would be 40-years-old. Dawkins won't say whether this is his last season, but he does acknowledge that the Broncos do have two rookie safeties waiting in the wings to man the secondary, Rahim Moore already starting at free safety.

The restructured contract certainly helped, as that money went to the signing of Willis McGahee, Ty Warren and others. But will we see Dawkins rebound on the field this season?

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