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Happy Birthday, Goose Gossage, Our Only Colorado-Born MLB Hall Of Famer!

Happy 60th birthday, Goose Gossage!

The MLB Hall of Fame reliever is still the only Colorado-born player to make it into Cooperstown. With a 3.01 ERA and 310 career saves, it still took Gossage nine ballots to make it to the Hall of Fame.

According to Baseball Almanac, there have been 85 players in the history of Major League Baseball to play in Colorado. There are several active players from Colorado in the Majors currently (or, at least not retired). But only one player has a good chance at making it into the Hall of Fame.

Well, he probably has more than just a good chance. He being Roy Halladay. He's currently 180-89 in his career with a 3.27 ERA. The 180 wins is currently the most wins among active players. His 3.27 ERA is fourth among active players and third among starters. Sixty-four complete games and 19 shutouts are also currently the best among active players. Oh, and he's fourth active in strikeouts with 1,845. Oh, and don't forget about the perfect game and the postseason no-hitter he threw in 2010.

By most assessments, Halladay should be the standard for modern-day pitchers.