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Boston Comes Back To Defeat The Outlaws, 15-12

The Boston Cannons had a tremendous comeback victory against the Denver Outlaws last night, winning 15-12. Paul Rabil and Brad Ross led the Cannons with a hat trick a piece while goaltender Jordan Burke made 16 saves.

Denver scored seven straight goals in the late first and the entire second to take a 7-3 halftime lead. Max Seibald had scored two two pointers in the game and the Outlaws had started to dominate. In that second quarter, the Cannons were also held scoreless.

The Cannons turned it around in the third quarter, and really took momentum when Paul Rabil scored a late two pointer to make it 11-9 going into the fourth. That was when Max Quinzani scored two straight goals to lead off the fourth and that was when they stole all the momentum. Rabil and Ross scored soon after, but Bill McGlone of the Outlaws scored after and it looked like they were getting back in it. Ross picked up his hat trick clinching goal and Matt Poskay added one for the Cannons win.