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2011 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Results: Joey Chestnut Wins 5th Title

We likely won't see Joey Chestnut break his record 68 hot dogs in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest, but on this July 4, he took home his fifth straight hot dog eating title by downing 62 hot dogs. After winning he said, "I'll need some Pepto Bismol later."

Chestnut earned $10,000 for his victory, as the $20,000 prize was split this year with the addition of a women's contest. Sonya Thomas won the inaugural event with 40 hot dogs. Her nearest competition was Juliet Lee with 29.5 buns and dogs consumed.

Renee Herlocker did a good job during the broadcast. The funniest moment came when she was in the "Splash Zone," the area where excess food and liquid might fly, as well as up-churned food. Wearing a poncho, Herlocker was able to get in references to Gallagher and Shamu.

The top 10 results:

1. Joey Chestnut 62
2. Pat Bertoletti 53
3. Tim Janus 45