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The Denver Outlaws Take On The Boston Cannons

The nature of sport's scheduling makes it so that you can't always get your game on a specific day that you want, and July 4th coming on a Monday in 2011 makes it somewhat difficult to expect sell-outs of your games on those days unless you're a baseball team. Either way, the Denver Outlaws are going to play their annual July 4th game a day early, and they're hoping that they can keep their usual on-field fireworks going before the after-game fireworks begin.

Since coming into the league in 2006, the Outlaws joined the group of Denver teams that have an annual fireworks show along with the Colorado Rockies and the Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer - although the Rapids also played in Invesco Field back in 2006 before moving to Commerce City so the Outlaws had to play their 'July 4th' game way back on the 1st. Fireworks games have been kind overall to the Outlaws since their inception with a 4-1 all time record on the date and attendances that have broken 20,000 every year since 2008.

Denver's only loss on July 4th came back in 2009 when they dropped a close 17-16 decision to Boston, their opponent tonight. Hilariously - and I remember this clearly because I was at that game - the fireworks display screwed up during the game as about 1/3 of the planned after game fireworks accidentally all went off at halftime. This led to some pretty funny gaps in the post-game show.

With these two teams being the best in the league, the Outlaws will need all the home-field fireworks advantage they can get in order to beat the Boston Cannons tonight.