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2011 NFL Free Agency Rules: Rules, Schedule And Areas Of Need For Denver Broncos

Now that the NFL Lockout is over, it's finally time for teams to get back into the business of roster construction and training camp. What does the schedule for the rest of the week look like as league business starts to pick up once again? ESPN has a tentative timeline on what will happen.

On Monday, teams will receive a list from the NFL listing all the free agents this summer. In addition, rosters will now reach 90 players during training camp.

Tuesday is when the real fun begins. First, team facilities will be opened to players. Teams can discuss trades with each other (maybe we'll have a Kyle Orton trade soon). Teams can reach agreements with rookies, undrafted players and all other free agents.

On Wednesday, players will begin reporting to training camps. The Broncos will open camp in Dove Valley on Wednesday. Then on Thursday afternoon, teams can start cutting players. This could potentially lead to the greatest rush of transactions in league history when all is said and done.

Friday will be the day when these deals and trades can become official, but not until 4 p.m. MT. Then on Aug. 4 the players must have recertified the union and approved the CBA in order for the league year to finally begin.

The Broncos will need to make a number of moves during this period. Specifically for free agency, the Broncos need to add players at defensive tackle and at running back. Stay tuned for more info as it comes in.

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