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Braves Vs. Rockies: Colorado Seeks Turnaround After Last Series With Atlanta

The Colorado Rockies started off the second half of the season with two victories over the Milwaukee Brewers, but then dropped the rest of the series over the weekend. Trade rumors surround Ubaldo Jimenez and other players. The team is 45-50 with a 9 1/2-game gap to make up. They attempt to make up some of that with a four-game series against the Atlanta Braves in Coors Field.

The Rockies were not treated nicely when they visit Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, dropping all four games to the Braves. Derek Lowe will be the Braves' pitcher on Monday night when he looks to repeat his success against the Rockies. On July 5, Lowe did allow three runs in 5.1 innings, but it was three-run double that kept the Braves in the lead while the Rockies went on to score three runs over the following two innings.

Atlanta 1B Freddie Freeman will be one hitter to watch out for, as he destroyed the ball in Atlanta. He went 7-for-14 with four home runs and seven RBI in those four games. A trip to Coors could do him even better.

Jason Hammel starts his second half after a so-so conclusion to the first half of the season. His July 8 start against the Washington Nationals was a strong 6.1 innings and two runs allowed. But in two of his four starts before then he did allow six runs. What has been a strong point this season has been his longevity, reaching at least six full innings in 14 of 18 starts. 

First pitch is scheduled for 6:40 p.m. MT.

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