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2011 American Century Golf Tournament: Tim Tebow, John Elway In Celebrity Championship

The 2011 American Century Championship at Lake Tahoe gets underway on Thursday, July 14, and Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is scheduled to make his first appearance at the tournament. Former Colorado kicker Mason Crosby and former Colorado Avalanche captain Joe Sakic will be there as well.

There will also be several current NFL executives and head coaches at the tournament, which means they most likely asked for and received permission from the league to partake in a tournament in which several players will be there. For Tim Tebow, that means he will see John Elway. For the Chief's Matt Cassel, his coach Todd Haley will be there. And former Denver Broncos coach and current one of the Washington Redskins Mike Shanahan is a participant. Here is a full roster of celebrities who accepted invites.

Major League Hall of Fame and Colorado Springs' Goose Gossage will be a first-rime attendee, but we all know that everyone really wants to see Charles Barkley and his famous swing.

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